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Raw Garden Carts started out in 2015, a team of scientist and cannabis cultivators produced what has become leading standard for THC carts. Raw Garden farms cultivate its own marijuana seeds and during the time of harvest there is cryogenic freezing to preserve the cannabis plant and all it cannabinoids intact. Raw Garden cartridges can be found in 742 dispensaries in California.

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Due to multiple reports, it has come to our notice they are a lot of fake Raw Garden Carts out there. Do not be misled with the raw garden carts fake which are widely sold in various dispensaries. Have you been looking for where to buy a real THC cartridge? Visit Raw Garden for Raw Garden Live Resin Carts and your search will come to an end. As an online store, we provide you with nothing but the best out of cannabis. Our online reputation is one of our main priorities so we make sure our client get the best THC cartridges. 

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